Q: How do I renew my CCW?
A: You must take the renewal course in person in the state of Nevada. The application fee for renewal is
     $61.25. If you submit the application to the Nye County Sheriff’s Office after the expiration date on
     your current permit but before 120 days after expiration there will be a $15.00 late fee. If the
     application is submitted after 120 days the fee will be the same as an initial application ($96.25). Your
     renewal application cannot be submitted over 120 days prior to the expiration date of your current
     permit. An application is valid for one year from the date you took the course. The establishment
     where you take the course will have the application and instructions for the course.

Q: My address has changed. How can I obtain a new CCW with my new address listed?
A: You need to provide proof of your new address (driver’s license, utility bill, etc.). We will then mail a
     new permit to you. You can mail the request with the proof to: Nye County Sheriff’s Office;
    ATTN: CCW Division; 1520 E. Basin Ave.; Pahrump, NV  89060. You can also send the request by email
    and attach the proof of your new address to This will also apply to a name or
    gender change.

Q: Can I mail my application, print cards, and fee to you after I take the CCW course instead of appearing at the Sheriff’s Office?
A: You may do so but you would still have to appear at the Sheriff’s Office in person upon approval of
     your permit. Your signature and photo for the card would be needed at that time. We would then
     issue the card to you. Keep in mind that the permit is valid for five years from the date of approval,
     NOT the date of issue.

Frequently asked questions and answers about Nye County Carry Concealed Weapon Permits